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Rainbow Hard Candy Yellow DovEgg Ring
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A girl's obsession with jewelry is no less than a child's obsession with candies. Cure the heart while looking. Red Hard Candy - Queen's Colour High quality red corundum has a high-quality ruby colour and diamond fire.

Blue Hard Candy - Elegance and Tranquility High quality blue spinel has a high-quality sapphire colour and diamond fire.

Yellow Hard Candy - Warm Sunshine Take a yellow magic candy and become a little princess in your own world.


Style Number: RH32R101171
Ring Surface Dimensions:  16mm*16mm
Main Stone Dimensions:  8mm*8mm
Material: 925 silver, 18K Gold Plated
Main Stone: Cubic Zirconia


Design Inspiration

Vibrant colors are not just an important part of fine jewelry, but also a tool for color therapy. Maybe you feel burdened, maybe the pandemic is depressing, but there is still hope. Take a rainbow hard candy! Let's heal the mind together.



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