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Spar Rabbit Pearl Necklace
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925 silver (Electroplated 18K white gold), synthetic cubic zirconia, natural freshwater pearls
Chain length: 40+6cm
Main piece:
Rabbit: 22*12mm"


Moon Elf Collecton--Pearl Necklace

The pendant is detachable and the natural freshwater pearl necklace can also be worn alone.


Moon Elf Collecton

The Elf of the Moon - Auspicious Cute Pet. Safeguarding Luck
Inspired by the Chinese mythology Mid-Autumn Moon Rabbit - the elf of the moon. At the same time, the design is also based on the 12 zodiac animal - "rabbit".
The zodiac "rabbit" implies kindness, longevity, docility, cuteness, agility, peace, positivity, etc.




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