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Rose Tiger Adjustable Necklace
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"In me the tiger sniffs the rose." Life is like a battlefield, 
In the depth of everyone's heart, there is a tiger, which resists the currents with his own strength. Life is also like a garden, which may become gentle and quiet because of the morning dew left on a rose. If there is only a tiger in the heart, it would be reckless; if there are only roses, it doesn't seem tough enough. A tough boy may have his tender moments, and a gentle and cute girl may also have her manly moments.


Style Number: RH32NL200502
Pendant Dimensions: 24mm*25mm*2mm
Chain Length: 43cm-60cm
Material: Nickel Free Brass, 18K Gold Plated
Main Stone: Cubic Zirconia


Design Inspiration

The design uses ArtDeco's techniques to visually express the concept of duality. If you look from an abstract point of view, the jewelry looks like a hollow rose flower; If you look closely, it's a domineering tiger face.



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