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Magical Snowflake Stacking Earrings
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Created with premium colorful synthetic cubic zirconia, it has the texture of a fancy diamond, crystal clear and glittering. The fusion of gold coin shape and color-blocking ice crystals states smartness and elegance. When the snow falls, the world is rendered white. Snowflakes exude a crystal clear aurora, just like the dazzling you.


Style Number: RH32ER201013
Dimensions(Small): 0.39*0.39inches
Dimensions(Big):  0.71*0.71inches
Material: Nickel Free Brass, 18K Gold Plated
Main Stone: Cubic Zirconia


Design Inspiration

Holding a snow petal in the hand is like holding a beautiful prophecy from the sky. The smooth curves and contours are a beautiful interpretation of the design. This collection is exquisite and sophisticated,and may add a finishing touch to any outfit.



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