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The unique water ripples represent wealth, as fortune always comes along with water. The water wave pattern is revealed thanks to a special transparent enamel technique.
The enamel coin locks in wealth, and the alloy is embedded with shiny stones.
The adorable Lucky Cat brings a sense of ritual to the Year of the Tiger.

The growling of the tiger attracts wealth and blessings. The New Year's luck is coming your way as fierce as a charging tiger!


Style Number: RH32ER101114
Dimensions(L*W): 50mm*12.6mm
Main Item: 12mm*12.6mm
Material: 925 silver, 18K Gold Plated


Design Inspiration

The red colour represents good luck.
Let's start the sense of ritual for the Year of the Tiger!

Cute and lucky
with a growl,
All the bad luck and unhappiness will be driven away.

Special transparent enamel techniques
reveal a water wave pattern.

Water ripples represent endless wealth.
Combined with Lucky Cat,
it is a cute and trendy accessory.



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