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"Fa Cai" Removable Stud Earrings
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Size: height :35mm* width: 18cm
Main piece: 13mm*13.5mm
Copper (Electroplated 18K Gold), Synthetic Cubic Zirconia, Sterling Silver Pin


Charactor "Fa" Collection--Stud Earrings

Combined with the concept of Chinese round window, the hollow font is also like a Chinese round window lattice. The geometric circular design implies completeness and harmony, creating new Chinese-style character jewelry.
With a diamond-like texture, the synthetic cubic zirconia is embellished on the character, adding a sense of fashion, breaking the rigid feeling and highlighting delicacy.




Design Sprite of Charactor "Fa" Collection

As an ancient text that has the longest time in use in history, Chinese characters are all-embracing, contain profound and mysterious connotations, from its form, pronunciation, to interpretation.
Just like the character "Fa", the source of inspiration for this range, it not only means wishing for wealth and prosperity for the family, but also alludes to the dialectical value of "extreme cheesiness amounts to great elegance” in traditional Chinese culture.
Design the theme with the word "fa". Combined with Chinese characters, the design is changed in different forms to express wishes for a prosperous future.  




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