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Little Fortune Chaser Cat's Eye Spar Neclace
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Just like foundation mixed with luminous orange-coloured loose powder, the Honey Amber Opal looks transparent and bright. The round diamonds and amber opals are intermingled, shiny and eye-catching. Changing with the angle of lighting,it catches your heart with ease.


Style Number: RH31NL100053
Pendant Dimensions: 10mm*10mm
Chain Length: 60cm (3cm Adjustable Chain)
Material: 925 silver, 18K Gold Plated
Main Stone:  Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Cat's Eye


Design Inspiration

I heard that opal has magics, like a ray of moonlight on a winter night, hazy and clear. The changing light and shadows create a three-dimensional feel. The full diamond edge creates a unique cat's eye halo.




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