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“Wealth pouring in from all sides" Minimalist Style Necklace
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Chain length: 40cm+3cm adjustable extension chain
Main piece: 29mm*6mm
925 silver (Electroplated 18K gold), enamel, synthetic cubic zirconia


Meaningful Character Collection--Wealth Necklace

The minimalist geometric design inlaid with synthetic cubic zirconia exudes an exquisite and versatile style. It can also be matched with necklaces from the same collection.
The sliding of the copper coins and the spar vividly expresses the concept of "the wealth keeps pouring in, and good luck is on the way".





Design Sprite of Meaningful Character Collection

As an ancient text that has the longest time in use in history, Chinese characters are all-embracing, contain profound and mysterious connotations, from its form, pronunciation, to interpretation.
Just like the character "Fa", the source of inspiration for this range, it not only means wishing for wealth and prosperity for the family, but also alludes to the dialectical value of "extreme cheesiness amounts to great elegance” in traditional Chinese culture.
Design the theme with the word "fa". Combined with Chinese characters, the design is changed in different forms to express wishes for a prosperous future.  



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