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I love it soooo much!!!
Laura Wednesday, Dec 26, 2022
The combination of natural mother-of-pearl and crystal, this ring is sweet and unique.It has a retro oil painting texture. I love it!
You will never regret!
Luciana Saturday, Dec 16, 2022
I have always liked RH's accessories, from pendants to earrings to this sugar cube ring, they are very light and luxurious, and also have a touch of nobility.
Don't be hesitate!
Maisie Friday, Dec 20, 2022
Simple and elegant, the mother-of-pearl is very shiny, very versatile ring. It is quite heavy, the texture is very good, and it is super thin.
High quality!
Raven Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022
S925 silver inlaid with blue spinel, I really like it, and the buyer delivered it very quickly. It took me a long time to pick this one. I just want to look down at it when I have nothing to do.
Love at first glace!
Shiloh Sunday, Dec 17, 2022
The ring I saw at first glance is so special, I was a little worried that the real picture is much different, but I didn't expect it to look exactly the same! ! It's so sparkly and lovely. Going to get another manicure to go with it!
Lexi Monday, Dec 22, 2022
The red corundum of the ring is very beautiful, and there is a circle of small crystals for matching. Wearing it is the finishing touch, and the size is just right!